martedì 18 dicembre 2012


Another way to gain money, this time wtihout doing ANYTHING is to get paid for surfing. And the best place for that is 20dollars2surf. But how it work's?

20Dollar2Surf is a cashbar that lets you earn money by displaying advertising on your computer screen while you surf the internet.
The ads you see on 20Dollars2Surf come from online affiliate networks and campaigns from members. We give you 75% of the earnings.
To make cash several means are available to you :
- The Cashbar. Earn points for every ad displayed on your screen while you surf the Internet.
- The Clicks Bonus. Earn points by visiting the sites of our partners.
- The Mail Bonus . Receive mail, visit our partner and earn points,
- The Surfer Bonus. Earn points and 20$Pass when you see the "Surfer Bonus" banner in the cashbar!
- The WheelSurf, wheel of fortune, spin the wheel and see if you won, 2 free credits every day.
- The BingoSurf, 25 numbers are available, one by one, they are present in your grid, click with your mouse and see if you won!
- The referral system allows you to earn 10% of your referrals on 10 levels.

And a very important thing:

In 20Dollars2Surf, we do not limit to one or two accounts per IP. You can install as many different account that you have PC at home.

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